Six remanded for brutal murder of Hindu Priest


Six men were on Friday remanded to prison for the brutal murder of Crabwood Creek Hindu Priest Rish Bharrat known as ‘Haribole’.

They all appeared before Magistrate Alex Moore at the No.51 Magistrate’s Court.

Slapped with the joint murder charge are Devendra Khemraj called `Baya’; Ramzan Ally called `Jack’; Javed Ghandie called `Stempid’; Anil Angersham; Gregory Tejpertab called `Greg’ and Vidaianand Khemraj.

Javed Ghanie (pink shirt) and Devendra Khemraj along with Vaidanand Khemraj (tall with white shirt) and Gregory Tejpertab (Photo: News Room/September 03, 2021)

The charge read that on Saturday, August 28, they murdered Bharrat. They were not required to enter a plea to the indictable charge and were remanded to prison until October 14, 2021.

Attorney-at-law Charlyn Artiga represented Vaidanand Khemraj and Davendra Khemraj while attorney Chandra Sohan represented Javed Ghanie and Gregory Tejpertab. Prosecutor Orin Joseph indicated to the court that the police file is incomplete.

Anil Angersham (black and white stripe) with Ramzan Ally

Police had arrested a total of 12 persons in connection with the beating to death of the 60-year-old man.

According to reports, prior to the murder which occurred in front of the Priest’s residence, the group of men harassed his daughters by hurling sexual remarks and insults and even threatened to rape and kill them.

Dead: Rishi Bharrat known as ‘Haribole’

At the time of the incident, the men were imbibing and were behaving in a lewd manner and so he decided to confront them and asked them to remove from the area.

This escalated into an argument and the group of men reportedly pounced on the Priest and severely beat him with pieces of wood. Bharrat leaves to mourn his wife and four children.

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