Four confess to brutal beating of Berbice Hindu Priest

-12th suspect arrested


Investigators in Berbice have managed to secure a confession from four suspects currently in custody for beating to death of well-known Hindu Priest Rishi Bharrat called ‘Haribole’.

This was confirmed by Regional Commander Senior Superintendent Jairam Ramlakhan.

The News Room was informed that among the 11 who were initially arrested, three confessed and implicated the others. It was based on their confession that the police arrested the 12th suspect, who has since admitted to playing a part in the brutal murder.

Ramlakhan disclosed that investigators will be moving to the High Court seeking an extension to keep the suspects in custody beyond the 72 hours in an effort to conduct further investigations.

Meanwhile, the Commander, Deputy Commander, other senior officers and Pandit Nitesh Sahadeo visited the home of Bharrat on Monday and met with the grieving wife.

Regional Commander Senior Superintendent Jairam Ramlakhan visit the grieving wife of the murdered Hindu Priest

Ramlakhan and team expressed their condolences to the family and assured that all efforts would be made to ensure the perpetrators are brought to justice.

The Commander assured that “dominant patrols” will now be carried out in the area “to curb crime and criminality.”

Bharrat was beaten to death Saturday night by the group of men who were imbibing opposite his Lot 10 Grant 1806 Crabwood Creek, Region Six (East-Berbice Corentyne) residence.

The group of men harassed his daughters by hurling sexual remarks and insults and even threatened to rape and kill them.

Bharrat decided to confront them and asked them to remove from the area. This escalated into an argument and the group of men reportedly pounced on the Priest and severely beat him with pieces of wood.

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  1. Matthew says

    And the headlines (in about a week) SHOULD read (but won’t) 4 men hung from the neck until dead. Oh yes it would be a deterrent……nothing else is deterring these dunces.

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