Nine dead from COVID were unvaccinated


The nine people who died on Friday and Saturday, after they were infected with COVID-19, were all unvaccinated people who experienced the more severe symptoms associated with the disease.

This was confirmed by the Health Ministry’s Public Relations Officer, Shabana Shaw on Sunday night.

During a cabinet outreach on Saturday in Dartmouth along the Essequibo Coast in Region Two (Pomeroon-Supenaam), President Dr. Irfaan Ali emphasised that the COVID-19 vaccines are life-saving medical tools that have been proven to reduce COVID-19 hospitalisations and deaths.

And, he reasoned that it is the government’s responsibility to ensure that the population has access to these vaccines.

The Minister of Health Dr. Frank Anthony has consistently empahsised that once vaccinated, individuals would be less vulnerable to experiencing the more severe symptoms associated with the disease and as such, are less likely to die from COVID-19.

For the month of September so far, 58 deaths have already been recorded. Overall, 683 people have died since March 2020.

At the beginning of September, however, two elderly people, who were fully vaccinated, died. The News Room reported that these people had other medical conditions including diabetes, hypertension and difficulties breathing.

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