More professional, low income houses to be completed by January


A total of 131 young professional houses and 50 low-income houses are currently under construction at Prospect, East Bank of Demerara.

Minister of Housing and Water Collin Croal on Thursday visited the area to assess the ongoing works; these houses are in addition to the number of infrastructural projects for new housing areas that are currently ongoing.

The houses are being erected just off the new two-lane highway being built from Diamond to Mocha.

The 50 low-income houses are being constructed by Gafoors, which began construction about two months ago. The construction is now 36 per cent complete with some 250 persons employed.

“We expect that these will be completed by December and we are excited about this because this is also an opportunity to provide employment; also the turnover for the generation of income for a number of persons,” Croal said.

Housing Minister Collin Croal speaking to media operatives during the site visit (News Room photo/September 16, 2021)

The minister said the project is part of the government’s initiative to fast track homeownership.

After inspecting the works, the minister said he is satisfied with the progress made thus far. One of the low-income houses will cost $5.5 million which also includes the value for the land.

Additionally, 131 young professional houses, including high rise and flat houses are being constructed in the same area.

The construction of these homes also forms part of the People’s Progressive Party Civic (PPP/C) manifesto to deliver 50,000 house lots within its first term.

Minister Croal explained that they are trying to cater for the construction of houses in all communities across Guyana, as part of the administration’s policy to “move forward with our housing programme.”

Additionally, infrastructural works are also being done from Diamond to Herstelling area so persons can access the lands they have been allotted in recent months.

Within the next two weeks, the housing ministry will also host an event to show persons where they have been allotted their land.

“We will come on the ground and we schedule different days for the different areas and allow them to come and see firsthand where their lot falls,” Minister Croal stated.

Meanwhile, it is expected that within a month, the two-lane road between Diamond and Mocha will be commissioned.

Croal stated that the connecting bridge to the road is nearing completion.

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    my personal view is that concrete houses are not good to live in.
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