Vitality Inc. constructing new home for Berbice Cricket Board’s Office Assistant


The long-serving Office Assistant of the Berbice Cricket Board (BCB) would soon be moving into a new home, compliments of a joint Rose Hall Town Youth and Sports Club, MS (RHTY&SC) and BCB project with support from Vitality Inc. of Providence, East Bank Demerara.

Ruthel Henry’s dream for over two decades was to have her own home, so that she and her youngest son Xavier can live in comfort.

Henry recalled that she had approached BCB President Hilbert Foster in 2018 when he was elected and he had promised to assist her to raise some funds to constructed a small one-bedroom home.

Foster had raise a tidy sum of money, but a life-threatening medical condition caused the funds to be use to save Henry’s life.

Despite the setback, Foster recommitted to seek ways to construct the home by the end of 2021. Sureain Sawh, an overseas-based Guyanese and Principal of Vitality Inc., was approached for assistance and he along with the other Directors of the company readily agreed to Foster’s request.

Vitality Inc. is a US$10M investment in Guyana by overseas Guyanese and offer services ranging from providing equipment needed to service the oil industry to consultancy and strategic planning.

It hopes to employ over 40 Guyanese and to establish other departments in an environmentally friendly waste management facility, accounting and medical testing.

The 20’x28’ house would contain two bedrooms, a living room and kitchen, along with washroom facilities.

Foster is confident that the home would be completed for the family to move in before the festive season and expressed thanks to the management of the company for their generous contribution, including Sawh, Abbas Hamid, Simon Kandial and Matt Averkamp.

The BCB President and RHTY&SC Secretary/CEO, who is also a Director of Cricket West Indies, stated that he was delighted that Henry would have the keys soon to her new home and committed himself to making sure that the home is fully furnished after it is completed.

He stated that the BCB and RHTY&SC were both committed to making a positive difference in the lives of persons involved in the game who need assistance.

Foster disclosed that since 2018, his administration had assisted clubs and players with over fifteen million dollars in items as part of its outreach programme.

An emotional Henry stated that she was overjoyed at the start of the construction and expressed thanks to the BCB and RHTY&SC along with Vitality Inc. for making her dream become a reality.

She noted that Foster is a very compassionate leader who cares a lot for the people around him.

She stated that the BCB President leads by example and most importantly is a man of his words. She recommitted herself to the development of Berbice cricket and pledged to work even harder to make sure that the current high standard is upheld.

Vitality Inc. is an official sponsor of both the BCB and RHTY&SC. The company earlier this year donated over $1.4M worth of cricket gear to clubs in Berbice, while it has also sponsored a cricket tournament for teams in Upper Corentyne.

The company is also the official sponsor of the RHTY&SC Vitality Under-23 team.

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