Court case possible link to gun attack on Prosecutor, family


Police suspect that the gun attack on Police Prosecutor, Corporal Hemchand Sukhna and his family may have stemmed from one of the cases he prosecuted.

The 39-year-old Police Prosecutor and his family managed to escape unharmed after they came under gunfire on Sunday last at their Second Street, Craig, East Bank Demerara home.

Regional Commander Senior Superintendent Mahendra Siwnarine clarified that the shooting occurred on Sunday and not Thursday as reported by other media houses.

The gunmen attacked the Prosecutor at about 21:45hrs while he was sitting in a shed in front of his yard with his wife and other relatives.

“It most likely has to be something to do with some matter before the court and again we are assuming that it might have been one of his cases,” the Senior Superintendent told the News Room on Friday.
Police are now reviewing all of the Prosecutor’s cases in hopes of “narrowing down” the suspects.

The Commander also revealed that police are also looking at persons who were recently released from prison and who were prosecuted by Sukhna.

Police recovered two .40 spent shells and five .22 spent shells from the scene.

Meanwhile, according to the Commander, the Prosecutor said he did not recognise the two gunmen who were standing in front of his house. The gunmen were wearing black hoodies and face masks. The Prosecutor’s minibus was damaged during the shooting.

“He and his family were outside at the time, they would have managed to take cover and he observed the two persons but he could not recognise them because they had on masks.

“We have a fair idea but cannot say we are 100 per cent sure but we have a few ideas who the persons are,” the Commander explained noting that CCTV footage of the incident was recovered.

Commander Siwnarine said no formal decision was made to offer protection to the Prosecutor and his family but instead said “he is a police officer and knows how to defend himself.”

The Commander further stated that there is regular police patrol in the area.

The News Room understands that the Prosecutor is stationed at the Diamond Magistrate’s Court.

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