Years of abuse ends in murder for East Coast Demerara woman


Several years of abuse ended in murder on Friday night for a woman who resided with her reputed husband at Martyr’s Ville, a little-known community on the East Coast of Demerara.

The dead woman has been identified by relatives as 48-year-old Malini Wahid.

She was strangled to death by her reputed husband who has only been identified as ‘Nappy.’

The News Room understands that after he murdered the woman, the man attempted to end his own life but was found and rushed to the Georgetown Public Hospital.

There was no update on his condition on Saturday morning.

Relatives said Wahid endured years of abuse at the hands of ‘Nappy’ and was even in court but was trying to sort their differences out at home.

DEAD: Malini Wahid

They said on Friday night that ‘Nappy’ returned home after being involved in an accident nearby. He was attended to by Wahid but insisted that he wanted to drive another vehicle to the hospital and wanted the woman to accompany him.

When she refused, he locked her in their home and began to beat and strangle her in spite of the cries and dissuasion of neighbours and relatives.

They said calls to the domestic violence hotline went unanswered and by the time the police could arrive, Wahid was dead.

“She tell me tonight she see she death and I tell she stop talk stupidness,” a female relative related.

There has been no official report from the police on the incident.

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