Landslide victory: Aubrey Norton to be declared PNC/R leader

PNC/R Member, Aubrey Norton speaking with the press at Congress Place, Sophia, Georgetown (Photo: News Room/November 12, 2021)

Aubrey Norton has always held himself out as the frontrunner in the leadership race for the main opposition party, the People’s Nationals Congress Reform (PNC/R).

And while there has been no official declaration, preliminary or otherwise, it was very clear by mid night on Saturday that Norton will become the next leader of the PNC/R, replacing David Granger.

Granger was effectively booted out, securing no nomination to return as leader.

The News Room has been informed that Norton has won by a landslide ahead of his opponents Joseph Harmon and Dr Richard Van-West Charles from whom he has already received congratulatory messages.

Party members have already taken to social media to congratulate Norton.

Harmon, who currently holds the post as Opposition Leader and who many had backed for the leadership position, has reportedly conceded.

Chief Elections Officers Vincent Alexander pleaded with party members to await the official results before jubilations begins.

Norton, in a live on Facebook, said he was sure of his unassailable lead in the race.

“Nobody can’t catch me,” he said as he also talked upon uniting the PNC/R.

He was satisfied with the elections process which was held in a hybrid fashion for the first time with 13 polling stations across the country.

“The single largest area is Region Four; from all three areas in Region Four I have a lead that cannot be caught,” Norton said.

He is, however, trailed by Harmon.

The official results will be declared on Sunday by Alexander.

Some 3, 000 delegates voted during these elections which were contested by a high level of youth members of the PNC/R.

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