Guyana surpasses 39,000 COVID-19 cases


There have been 44 new COVID-19 infections recorded over a 24-hour period and this has increased the total number of COVID-19 infections recorded in Guyana since March 2020 to 39,042.

No additional deaths have been recorded as such, the death toll remains at 1,042 with 42 of those deaths being recorded in December alone.

The 44 new infections were recorded after 984 tests were done.

And these new cases were recorded in: Region One (one case), Region Two (five cases), Region Three (one case), Region Four (21 cases), Region Six (12 cases) and Region 10 (four cases)

There are also five patients receiving care in the COVID-19 Intensive Care Unit (ICU), 32 people in institutional isolation, 692 people in home isolation and six people in institutional quarantine.

Meanwhile, a total of 37,269 people have recovered after they were infected with COVID-19.

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