Plaisance Primary gets a library


The Plaisance Primary School, East Coast Demerara, is now the recipient of a well-provisioned library compliments of the Spread the Words Foundation.

The books for the facility were donated by private citizens in the US and Canada while a classroom at the school was renovated and furnished to be the reading and learning space.

Addressing the launch recently, Spread the Words founder Laura Ryan noted that they had been working with the school since last year to establish the library.

“In January of 2020, Ms. Anna Laws and I visited Plaisance Primary. We immediately felt the enthusiasm for learning was alive and well here. They’ve been a great group of teachers to work with and we look forward to continued partnerships as we move forward with the full operation of the library.”

Mrs. Ryan said hundreds of volunteer hours went into making the library a reality. She urged the students to make use of the facility to unlock their potential and the opportunities that could come their way through knowledge.

“It’s been said that a room without books is like a body without a soul. Well, now your school has a big beating heart at its core. To the students of Plaisance Primary we hope this library has a real impact on you,” she added while noting that the teachers also had a role to play.

Meanwhile, Regional Education Officer, Tiffany Harvey urged the beneficiaries to care for the facility.

“We have through the Spread the Words Foundation a very very good initiative here, one that we must take seriously and I will ensure … that systems are put in place to sustain what we have, systems are put in place to ensure that we use it continuously,” she expressed.

Some 4,000 books were donated to the school including reference books, fiction, picture books and resource materials for teachers. The Plaisance donation followed a similar exercise at the Belle West Primary School library, West Bank Demerara.

The organisation utilised finances from private donations and a fundraiser to pull off the projects. Founded in September 2018, Spread the Words Foundation comprises more than 20 volunteers.

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