Post mortem confirms East Bank couple died from gunshot wounds but questions remain


A post mortem examination conducted on the bodies of the young married couple Nicholas and Elizabeth Low-A-Chee who were found dead on Tuesday has confirmed that they both died from gunshot wounds; but the Police have not said if gunshot residue was found on their hand after it was revealed that the gun found at the scene did not have any fingerprints, raising questions about their deaths.

The Police have so far suspected that the husband shot his wife twice and then turned the gun on himself. The firearm, a .32 pistol, belonged to Nicholas’ father, who passed away a couple of years ago. The gun was found next to Nicholas. Their deaths remain to a shock to family and friends since the couple seemed happy.

Elizabeth called Sasha, 27, was shot twice – to her right eye and abdomen -while Nicholas, 25, sustained a gunshot wound to his ride side temple. The bullet exited through the left side region of his ear.
The couple were discovered in their bedroom of their Sarah Johanna, East Bank Demerara house early Tuesday by a relative in a pool of blood.

The last time they were seen alive they were happy, they were at their relatives on New year’s Night, partying and having a good time.

The couple lived together for a number of years before they got married last August. Just two months after the formal marriage, Nicholas posted a wedding photo of himself and his wife with the caption “My biggest blessing.”

Meanwhile, police unearthed a quantity of 370 grammes of cannabis during a search of the premises.
Police sources also indicated that there were no signs of unlawful entry to the house.

Nicholas was self-employed and did some farming. Sasha, a former teacher, assisted Nicholas with his business.

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