New ‘safe space’ between Parade & Camp Streets given two-week deadline

─ two months for art gallery, food court section


A two-week timeline has been given for the completion of phase one of the safe space to be created along the Lamaha Corridor, where the old railway station was situated.

This was disclosed by Project Engineer at the Ministry of Public Works, Kevin Samad.

The first phase of the project spans from Parade to Camp Streets. Works on the project began on Saturday, January 15, and is the brainchild of President Dr. Irfaan Ali.

The project entails a walkway, with benches, lights, a green space and parking lots on both sides of the walkway. Samad said the construction of the walkway is about 50 per cent completed. He said the construction of the parking lots which will have asphaltic surface, is progressing well.

“We are targeting by Friday evening, the completion of this entire walkway with paved decorative bridge. What we have done so far, we have cast about 80 per cent of the curb wall, sand filling and we are about to lay the decorative bricks,” Samad said.

Ongoing works on the project

“After that, over the weekend we will start to install benches, provision for electrical components to have lighting and bring in potting soil for planting of flowers and trees,” the Engineer stated.

Samad said work is simultaneously ongoing on the retrofitting of the building that is housed between Parade Street and Main Street along the Lamaha Corridor. The building will house an Art Gallery and Food Court. A two-month timeline has been given for that phase of the project to be completed.

Over the last weekend, President Ali visited the site to check on its progress. [DPI]

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