Human Services Ministry facilitating entrepreneurs through free ‘WIIN GY’ app


(Ministry of Human Services and Social Security) – In another groundbreaking advancement through digitalization, the Ministry of Human Services and Social Security has launched a free ‘WIIN GY’ App to promote women-owned businesses.

‘WIIN,’ an acronym for the established Women’s Innovation and Investment Network, is designed to facilitate both the advertising and marketing needs of women-owned businesses across several sectors in Guyana. Not only does it provide opportunities locally, but may open doors globally since it is available for free download anywhere.

Minister of Human Services and Social Security, Dr. Vindhya Persaud said, “The WIIN App is perfectly poised to tangibly support women in growing their businesses by increasing visibility and raising their business profile using an ICT platform at absolutely no cost to them.”

Minister Persaud went on to add, “I urge women across the country to use this App to allow more and more people to appreciate the excellent work they have been doing and to use the high-quality products they have developed. I am proud of where our Guyanese women entrepreneurs are and I want the world see them and applaud them too. Share the WIIN app, use it and let all see that it’s “made by Guyanese women for the world.”

The purpose of the app is to ensure women-owned businesses gain the visibility they need to succeed in the economy. Over 80 businesses across all the regions are already listed on the app.

Primarily, the App caters to participants who would have benefitted from the extensive training done in their respective fields through the Ministry’s platform but can also be utilized by all women to showcase their ventures.

Among the categories featured on the app include but are not limited to Health, Beauty and Wellness, Fashion, Food, Arts and Craft, Event Planning and Décor, Media, Graphics Designing, Photography and Videography, Printing, Stationery, Janitorial, Academic, Transportation, Gardening, Landscaping, Construction, Tech and Media, Entertainment, E-Commerce an even Automotive Repairs.
With Valentine’s Day on Monday, persons it is the perfect place for consumers to visit at their convenience and see a host of products sold by local women-owned businesses.

It is as simple as downloading the App and searching through the various categories to select a product or service that is right for you and available to you.

Annisha Layne, the owner of Craft’N’Love that is located at the Little Otter Giftshop and specializes in personalized handmade crafts as well as décor for events, expressed the App offers her the opportunity to give her business a wider exposure and in turn, increase sales and brand value with sales globally.

“I think that the initiative of this App is a great initiative to the Ministry and to women-owned businesses because at the end of the day both parties win supporting the Ministry’s push towards creating a strong business environment for women,” Layne added.

Another business owner, Indra Constantine of Crisel’s Enterprise in Region Three highlighted that she was thankful for Minister Persaud’s work in helping empower women to become independent.

Constantine explained that she has already finished two courses through the WIIN programme and has decided to sign up with the WIIN app for her business to grow both Regionally and Internationally.

The entrepreneur revealed that she is inspired by Minister Persaud and has taken the initiative to help women-owned businesses to grow with over 15 women-owned businesses coming under her umbrella including in areas such as construction, sewing, catering, décor and event planning.

For persons interested in using the platform for their business, registration can be done by simply clicking the ‘register business’ icon after downloading the app. After that, entrepreneurs will be required to complete their profile with particulars such as location, service type and contact while also having the option to upload their brand logo and photos of their work.

After registering, a team from the Ministry will review each application and provide approval for their business to be listed. Registrants will be notified via email that their application has been approved and listed. Registrants can then view their profile and make updates as needed since each business will be allowed to manage their own business information provided on the app.

The app can be downloaded from the link, or through the Google Play Store using any android device. Persons who own an Apple device are asked to wait a little longer as the app is being further developed to allow for access on those devices. (Press release)

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