Venezuelan man killed during fight over woman; police hunting suspect


A man who reportedly stabbed a 43-year-old Venezuelan national to death has gone into hiding.

Police in Region One (Barima-Waini) reported that Rafael Antonio Aquino Soto was killed sometime between February 10 and 11. He and the suspect were reportedly fighting over a female.

Police Headquarters reported that the incident occurred at Return Baramita in Region One.

Investigations revealed that the suspect and Rafael are known to each other and were at a shop drinking alcohol at about 16:00hrs on February 10.

The man and Rafael later left the shop and met up at Return Baramita where Rafael convinced the female to go with him instead of the suspect.

“When she did, the suspect allegedly became annoyed and a heated argument ensued,” police reported.

Police said the suspect then allegedly pulled out a knife from his pants and stabbed Rafael to the chest after which he escaped from the scene.

A medex from the community later visited the scene and pronounced Rafael dead.

The body was later transported to the Port Kaituma mortuary.

Police are continuing their search for the suspect.

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