Eccles to Diamond four-lane highway to be completed in 18 months 


The government has already made an advanced payment towards the construction of the Eccles to Great Diamond four-lane highway on the East Bank of Demerara and it is expected that this major infrastructure project will be completed within 18 months.

This is according to the Minister of Housing and Water Collin Croal who spoke with the News Room recently.

“The contractors have now mobilised and works have begun there at Eccles and you will see works start moving very quickly,” Minister Croal said.

The contract for the $13 billion project was awarded to 12 contractors in December last year.

The project has been divided into 12 lots and includes the construction of more than 30 reinforced concrete bridges, two roundabouts, and a total of 9.4 km of reinforced concrete road.

Works were in progress on the road link when the News Room visited on Wednesday. (Photo: News Room/ February 16, 2022)

While construction is expected to move smoothly and swiftly, Minister Croal noted that the only “hiccup” that may delay the project is the relocation of over 30 households residing along Block ‘X’ Plantation Herstelling (Cane View).

But Minister Croal revealed that the majority of the families have already been relocated.

That area is the government’s reserve and rests squarely where the highway will run. The Housing Minister reminded too that the area was always pinpointed for future development.

“But the process is moving smoothly…we already relocated about 20 of those families who have signed up with the ministry to get their own lands and we are still trying to finalising the others so that may be the only delay in the project…everything else will run smoothly,” he explained.

Those families are set to be relocated to housing schemes in Farm and Herstelling on the East Bank of Demerara. And the relocation process would entail an evaluation of the existing structures on the reserve so that persons can be compensated.

Minister of Housing and Water, Collin Croal.

The government will be taking care of the cost for the lands and to make the process even more convenient, Minister Croal explained that the residents will also have access to their Certificates of Title and Transports.

The four-lane road forms part of the alternative East Bank Demerara road link which is expected to significantly reduce traffic congestion on the East Bank corridor. Once completed, more than 22,000 households will directly benefit, as well as the growing volume of commercial users.

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