Transportation providers mull fare increase after hike in gas prices


Some transportation providers are contemplating an increase in fares as a hike in fuel prices – which is being attributed to the ongoing crisis between Russia and Ukraine – is severely impacting their operations.

The News Room visited the pumps of several service stations on Thursday, all of which displayed a steep increase in the price of gasoline.

Just last weekend, Shell’s Fuel Save gasoline was marked up at $204 per litre, but by Tuesday it was increased to $246. Meanwhile, up to Tuesday gasoline price at GUYOIL was $203, and Rubis was $204 per litre.

However, on Thursday GUYOIL soared to $245, while Rubis moved to $244 per litre.

Consequently, the News Room spoke to some taxi and minibus drivers around Georgetown, all of whom expressed concern about the increase in fuel prices.

Transportation providers who spoke to News Room on Thursday expressed that the steep increase of fuel has affected their operations (Photo: News Room/March 10, 2022)

Gerald Bappiste, a taxi driver, described the increase as a “tremendous high rate”, but noted that he is cognisant of the current crisis which is contributing to the rise in fuel prices internationally, and advised that persons “understand” the situation.

“But in order for us to survive we may have to raise our prices, our fares; that’s the only way because if we keep charging the same price we will actually be working for nothing,” he said.

Meanwhile, Wilburg, a taxi driver of 25 years, told the News Room that “it’s the customers got to take it because if I pay more than I normally pay at the gas station, that price will go on to the passenger.”

Jermaine, a bus driver, said that the price hike is affecting him in “a bad way” and requested that the government intervenes to assist, or bus drivers will inevitably have to increase their fares.

Wendy Boodhoo, a bus driver, explained that fuel is an investment which allows her to reach a certain “target” at the end of the day, hence an increase in fuel cost will affect her operations.

“When you ask for a raise of fare it’s putting pressure on poor people so I would say if the gas price would drop which that can’t happen right now, but we would like if the gas would drop so the fare could stay the same,” she said.

The ongoing war between Russia and Ukraine has shot up global oil prices and according to Sol – the Shell licensee and authorised distributor of Shell fuels in Guyana – the cost for gasoline and diesel will be “affected shortly” until world prices for fuel stabilise.

Sol, in a statement on Tuesday, said it has “no control” over the war and has delayed the transfer of the price increase thus far.

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