Speaker Nadir warns climate change like Russian invasion of Ukraine


Speaker of the National Assembly Manzoor Nadir on Monday said climate change is like the Russian invasion of Ukraine – it’s a global crisis which demands strong action to stop it.

Mr. Nadir was one of the first speakers as a general debate commenced at a global meeting of Parliamentarians who form the Inter-Parliamentary Union (IPU). The 144th meeting of the IPU is taking place on Indonesia’s tourism island jewel Bali.

Mr. Nadir pointed out that Guyana is on the frontlines of the climate crisis; rising seas spell dire consequences for a country below sea level and where the Atlantic coast serves as the seat of government and the hub of most economic activities.

In 2005 and again last year, Guyana saw above-average rainfall which almost crippled the nation, forcing the government to seek foreign aid to bring relief to tens of thousands across the country.

The Speaker noted that one of the challenges to reliable and sure action to fight the climate crisis is the fact that government changes and so policies on climate change may change.

As such, Mr. Nadir suggested that a Parliamentary resolution laying out the foundations and guiding principles of national action to combat climate change may be the answer.

Taking this step would ensure that no matter which party is in power, the resolution would handcuff them to the built-in demands to take action to stem the climate crisis.

Mr. Nadir is attending the IPU meeting with Attorney General Anil Nandlall, Minister Sonia Parag, Opposition Chief Whip Christopher Jones and Opposition Parliamentarian Dawn Hastings. Clerk of the National Assembly Sherlock Isaacs and some members of his staff are also attending the meeting.

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