Dialysis patients to start receiving $600k cheque by next week 


Patients who are on dialysis can receive their $600,000 cheque from the government as early as next week, Minister of Health Dr Frank Anthony revealed on Friday.

A total of $180 million has been set aside in the 2022 National Budget to help offset the cost of this life-saving treatment fors hundreds of people.

All patients need to do is register with the Medical Treatment Department of the Ministry of Health. Patients are required to present a medical document from their doctor to validate that they require dialysis treatment.

“We want to start sometime next week to start distributing the cheques to these patients,” Dr Anthony said.

For years patients have been struggling to meet the cost of the expensive treatment. There are about 300 people across Guyana who need dialysis.

“We are right now in the process of registering those patients, so anyone who knows of anybody who needs dialysis can get them to register with the ministry,” Dr Anthony said.

The government previously provided a one-off $360,000 grant to patients in need of dialysis.


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