Tenders out for rehabilitation works to Region Three Markets


Two months after President Irfaan Ali promised that rehabilitation works will commence at the Parika Market, East Bank Essequibo, Minister within the Public Works Ministry, Indar Deodat has confirmed that tenders were issued this week.

“[For] the Parika Market, we wrote out a tender this week. From yesterday the tender went out. The road at Leonora, the tender went out a while now,” Minister Indar told the News Room on Monday.

He explained that the tender for the road at Leonora market hasn’t been awarded as yet.

Minister within the Ministry of Public Works Indar Deodat interacting with a vendor at the Parika Market, East Bank Essequibo (Photo: Deodat Indar/ Facebook/ May 29, 2022)

During the President’s April visit to the Leonora Market, he said the vendors indicated that the walkways are in dire need of rehabilitation due to overcrowding of the already dilapidated road.

Indar told the News Room that consultations are ongoing with the vendors at the Leonora market and that another meeting will be held this Saturday.

“We had a meeting with everybody on Tuesday. So we are working with everybody to learn or to finalize those. So on Saturday, I’m going back again to meet with them,” Indar noted.

Meanwhile, on May 29, Dr. Ali and Indar visited the Parika Market where they consulted with vendors to construct a shed over the main middle and side entrances and a new tarmac to accommodate those vending on the roadside.

In this regard, Indar told News Room that these works will commence soon.

Chairman of Region Inshan Ayube told the News Room that the Ministry of Public Works is in charge of the project which will see the shaving of the walkway at Hydronie Village after which works will follow at the Leonora Market.

Ayube explained that vendors will be added to a list to ensure that their spot at the market is secure. He clarified that vendors will not be displaced when the work commences.


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