Brazilian beauty brand, Oboticario, opens first store in Guyana


Oboticario, a world renowned beauty brand from neighbouring Brazil, has officially launched its first store in Guyana.

The intimate gathering was held on Saturday evening at the store’s 334 B East Street, South Cummingsburg location (opposite the Winfer Gardens primary school).

Maisa DaSilva, the store owner, in a brief speech to special invitees, said the brand will provide consumers with high quality products.

“When I decided to step in, in that venture, I was planning to bring something really good for Guyana.”

The Oboticario brand has multiple stores around the world, including Dubai and the United States.

Guests viewing the products sold at Oboticario (Photo: News Room/June 11, 2022)

DaSilva said that Brazilian beauty companies are among the most trusted brands in the world.

She explained that “[It] is one of the best franchises that we have, the best and the biggest franchise that you have inside of Brazil. It’s known all over the world.”

Asked why she ventured into business in Guyana, she said, “the vision is to bring the best resilient product to Guyana…I think some people cannot afford to travel to Brazil to bring them and some people bring from Brazil with expensive prices.”

She said the store will give Guyanese an idea of the products Brazilians like to use.

Guests testing the scents of products sold at Oboticario (Photo: News Room/June 11, 2022)

“It’s so incredible that Brazil was so nearby. And we don’t have so many Brazilian shops and products here. So, I think it’s very important just to give the opportunity of Guyanese to see exactly what Brazilians like what Brazilians use in their homes.”

The store holds a variety of skin and hair care products, and perfumes that are environmentally friendly, reducing waste and promoting sustainability. Their products cater to men, women and children.

The store will open to the public from Monday.

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