‘A man with a plan’ – Bartica gives President Ali affectionate welcome


By Kurt Campbell


The sounds of rousing applause and whistles filled the air and were part of the affectionate welcome President Dr Irfaan Ali received when he arrived in Bartica, Region Seven (Cuyuni-Mazaruni) for a meeting with residents on Wednesday.

The President’s popularity was on display as he was delayed from making his main address while residents flocked him for hugs, pictures or simply a glimpse of his habitual welcoming smile.

Soon after the formal part of the ceremony started, Dr. Ali was hailed as a man with a plan and vision who residents believe is responsible for the fast-paced development Region Seven has experienced in the last two years.

The welcome did not go unnoticed.

President Dr Irfaan Ali (center) is warmly greeted by children and residents of Bartica (Photo: Office of the President/June 15, 2022)

In a display of appreciation, Dr. Ali delivered a short speech while making his entrance into the Bartica Center Ground where scores of schoolchildren had gathered to welcome him.

There, a community meeting was preparing to get underway. The President said the welcome had both energised and inspired him.

“The welcome and love you have shown me is tremendous and this will inspire me to work harder, to work every day to ensure all of you have a better future and access to the important thing in life,” Dr. Ali said.

He continued, “I thank these children for the love that they have shown me.

“You have set an example for the rest of Guyana. When we unite like this, embrace each other and come together in celebration of who we are as Guyanese…it is this same spirit that you hug each other and play with each other that I would like you to take forward in your life as you get older,” he added.

President Dr Irfaan Ali greets children in Bartica (Photo: Office of the President/June 15, 2022)

The most inspiring salutation was a poem, written and delivered by Jermaine Joseph titled ‘A man with a plan.

It reads:

In every crevice and valley we hear a common message

A message of unity, one Guyana peddled by His Excellency.

His vision for prosperity

Needs no revision

He has proven himself, a man with a vision

As he travels he promotes his land

From the Americas to Europe

His message is grand Guyana, a haven for investment

He is building his land

Investors- foreign and local

Are often entranced

As with simplicity, he orates with such profundity

A vision of one Guyana his constant banner

A message of hope, with provision for a wider scope

A leader that is pro-education; for he knows that it’s the building block of any nation.

He is building his human resource, for he knows that one day we will man all our resources

A leader in whom we can place our confidence,

For, times too often this has been evidenced

A leader of inclusivity, with him there is no disunity. Providing for all, with opportunities that reach out and grabs us from our lethargy

A leader that is never fazed by territorial threat

He stands tall and never brakes a sweat

He is never afraid to reach into the valley to deal with matters that others deem to small

That’s why today he towers as a leader who has been chosen to represent not one, but all Guyana.

Jermaine Joseph wrote and recited the poem titled ‘A man with a plan (Photo: News Room/June 15, 2022)

Meanwhile, Minister of Governance and Parliamentary Affairs, Gail Teixeira, who has geographic responsibility as a Member of Parliament, also took note of the welcome the President and his delegation received.

“Bartica, you have made me so proud. It is a very proud day for the government in Bartica.

“We promised upon getting elected that we will hit the ground running and we are running at a speed that many cannot keep up with the President and Cabinet of this country. Little did we know that two years later, we will still be running.

“You have never seen change and development as was seen since President Ali was elected,” Teixeira said.

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