Restaurant Week returns offering unique Guyanese dining experience


Guyana Restaurant Week is here once again with 25 participating restaurants – the largest number since its launch in 2015.

People can indulge in meals from their favourite restaurants at a discounted price from June 24 to July 3rd.

The 14th edition of Restaurant Week was launched on Monday at the Heliconia Restaurant on Camp and Robb Streets in Georgetown and is being held in collaboration with the Tourism and Hospitality Association of Guyana (THAG), the Guyana Tourism Authority (GTA) and sponsors such as Banks DIH, Beepat’s and Republic Bank.

The idea of restaurant week is to showcase local cuisine and give restaurants an opportunity to gain new customers. It also offers a unique dining experience from the top restaurants in the country.

Melanie McTurk, a member of THAG, said Restaurant Week has been a resounding success over the years.

“It has been elevated to something more than just a chance to go out and sample. Today, Restaurant Week allows us to really showcase the talents of our local chefs,” McTurk said during brief remarks.

Because of the demand and success, Restaurant Week is now held twice yearly.

“Restaurant Week is back with a bang.

“It is a tribute to our partnership with the Guyana Tourism Authority. It is a tribute to the collaboration between the private sector and the public sector that exists in Guyana. And whether this is your first time out or whether you’ve been waiting for it all year. We invite you to explore it and repeat,” McTurk said.

Melanie McTurk (far left) and GTA Director Kamrul Baksh (far right) along with representatives of the participating restaurants at the launch of Restaurant Week (Photo: News Room/June 20, 2022)

President of the Guyana Tourism Authority (GTA), Kamrul Baksh during his remarks called for restaurants outside of the capital city, Georgetown to also participate,

“In the coming years we want to have more restaurants, you know, regionally. [We are] looking at places like Region Seven, a few restaurants as well from the Rupununi and other areas,” Baksh said.

He added that Restaurant Week also showcases the “readiness” of restaurants, especially for upcoming events like the Cricket Carnival in September.

Baksh said the GTA is also planning to expand training programs that will help promote and support the local tourism industry.

“We focus heavily on hygiene and sanitation [and] that was exacerbated by COVID,” Baksh said.

Willie Peter, one of the owners of Heliconia Restaurant, said he believes its unique menu separates them from most restaurants. Peter related that the menu features a Caribbean Guyanese style with a Spanish twist.

And even with the rise in the cost of living, Peter said they will not be increasing their prices.

“What I’ve noticed throughout the world is everything has raised, not only in Guyana, but we did not raise our prices for Restaurant Week or a normal day well.”

He is urging that persons make reservations early to get a taste of what Heliconia has to offer.

“Here at heliconia you can enjoy something you are used to and something you are not used to,” Peter said.

Keisha Elliot, the owner of Keisha’s Crab Shack, is offering a seafood paradise for Restaurant Week.

“We have prawns and the sweet chili salmon on our dinner menu, as far as the lunch menu we having our roasted snapped, deep-fried prawns, prawns burger…things that you can get fast in that hour lunch break,” Elliott said.

She explained that Restaurant Week has helped her business gain new customers for the two editions that she has participated in.

“I don’t use restaurant week as a benefit financially but, mainly to get my business out there and persons to come in and see what I have to offer,” she added.

To view the participating restaurants and menus visit the link here:

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