‘No need for investors to engage middlemen or lobbyists’ – President Ali


President Dr Irfaan Ali has long described his government as welcoming to foreign investors but in the wake of media reports that there might exist a shortcut to investing in Guyana, the Head of State has warned against pursuing that route.

While attending a reception in observance of Canada Day on Wednesday night, Dr. Ali told the media there was no need for international companies that have set their eyes on investment opportunities here to take on middlemen or lobbyists in any effort to engage the government.

He anticipates that with the projected expansion of the local economy, there will be the emergence of carpetbaggers – people seeking association in order to gain financially.

“There are going to be persons claiming to be much more than they are.

“I am saying this to investors, there is absolutely no need to go through any middleman or engage any lobbyist,” Dr. Ali emphasised.

He told reporters that the government is looking at ways to address this emerging situation but also to deal with persons who feel this might be the best way to get business done here.

“If you engage middlemen and lobbyists who claim they have more than what they have, then you are also accountable and liable because it shows you are prepared to engage in something illegal.

“I am warning [investors] and this is something I’ve asked the AG [Attorney General] to look at how we can strengthen our laws to deal with this,” the President disclosed.

He said the government is not only interested in those who claim to have certain persuasions but also in those who engage them.

The President’s comments come days after US-based media entity Vice News aired an extended version of a documentary about investment in Guyana with a keen focus on the Chinese and alleged underhand deals.

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