Two years later, skeletal remains suspected to be of missing Answar Stoll found


Skeletal remains suspected to be those of Answar Stoll were found at the Kuru Kuru Backdam on the Soesdyke, Linden Highway on Wednesday.

Stoll, 42, disappeared in mid-November of 2020. His family has been searching for answers since but police treated his disappearance as a murder investigation.

“The bones were found scattered in an area with a diameter of about 30 feet and showed evidence of being there for quite some time,” Police Headquarters said in a statement on Thursday.

The statement noted that several of the bones were found intertwined in the roots of small plants; the bones recovered include a skull.

The skull appears to be that of a male and bore evidence of a chop wound to the top.

“The chop extended from above the eye socket all the way to the rear of the top of the skull,” the police reported.

Other bones recovered at the location include 11 vertebrae – these put together would form what is commonly referred to as the backbone.

However, police said 22 vertebrae are missing. An additional eleven pieces of rib bone were recovered with an estimated 13 pieces still outstanding.

Both the left and right Scapula and Clavicle bones (shoulder bones) were recovered as well as the bones of the pelvic girdle (the hip structure).

Police said the skeletal remains will be sent overseas for DNA testing at the earliest possible opportunity.

Meanwhile, after Stoll’s relatives did not hear from him for days, they travelled to Kuru Kuru and found his house ransacked with what appeared to be blood stains on the floor and walls.

Murder suspect, Leon Waddle, 30, had admitted to killing the missing Kuru Kururu man but was hesitant to reveal where he disposed of the corpse.

Waddel called Mack was Stoll’s tenant.

Relatives told the News Room that Waddel stayed with Stoll for some time but when he was asked to move out, Waddel reportedly threatened to kill him.



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