Amid shortage of packaged sugar, GuySuCo pushes bagging operations


There is currently a local shortage of packaged sugar produced by the Guyana Sugar Corporation (GuySuCo), according to the Chief Executive Officer (CEO) Sasenarine Singh.

Singh, in a video uploaded to GuySuCo’s Facebook page, assured customers that this packaged sugar should be supplied to the local market in another two week’s time.

There have been complaints of a countrywide shortage of sugar with many turning to social media to express their dissatisfaction at being unable to purchase the locally-produced sweetener.

The CEO alleged that foreign smuggling of sugar was among the reasons for the shortage. Another reason is that the corporation has not ground sugar-cane since the end of May.

Bagged sugar being produced at the Uitvulgt facility (Photo: GuySuCo)

Even so, he pledged the corporation’s ability to provide customers with the 110 pounds ‘bag sugar’, moreso since bagging operations have just commended at the Uitvlugt Estate on the West Coast of Demerara (WCD).

Uitvlugt Estate commenced its bagging operations on Thursday and has already accumulated close to 2,000 bags of sugar, a press release from GuySuCo announced.

“The Estate is progressing swiftly to maintain its bagging operations throughout the weekend and the following weeks.

“The Estate’s management continues to work diligently to ensure grinding operations remain steady and encourage all workers to strive towards achieving set weekly sugar production targets,” the corporation said further.

And the CEO underscored that GuySuCo has the capacity to supply the local market with this bagged sugar.

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