ANSA McAl opens first mini-mart at Beterverwagting


ANSA McAl Trading Limited commissioned its first mini-mart at Beterverwagting, East Coast Demerara on Friday.

It will be the first of several expected to be opened across the country.

The company’s Managing Director Troy Cadogan said the investment of over US$1 million will be expanded to other areas across Guyana. Cadogan said mini-marts will be opened in several areas where more employment will be provided for Guyanese.

“At ANSA McAl we thrive on excellence and are committed to elevating the shopping experience of consumers by providing products that meet industry standards and add value to the quality of life of Guyanese.

“We are cognizant of the development thrust across all the various sectors of Guyana. In this regard, we are ensuring that our footprint is recorded in Guyana’s sand and in the process by providing employment for Guyanese,” Cadogan said during the brief opening ceremony at the company’s headquarters, where the mini-mart is located.

Minister of Tourism, Industry and Commerce Oneidge Walrond accompany ANSA McAL Managing Director, Troy Cadogan in a walkthrough of the mini-mart (Photo: Ministry of Tourism, Industry and Commerce/ July 22, 2022)

ANSA McAL is a leading retailer in Guyana, including pharmaceuticals, and in this regard the mini-mart comprises a pharmacy.

It also hosts a paint department and sells various liquors, packaged and canned foods, hair products and many other items distributed by the company currently stock the shelves.

Cadogan said that the mini-marts will provide employment for many persons. “This is an additional increment of 20 persons who are actually being employed here…we plan on having small outlets across the country. So if we replicate the footprint here, in the next five years it will be over 100 Guyanese staff added to the payroll,” he said.

Meanwhile, Minister of Tourism Industry and Commerce Oneidge Walrond encouraged the company to expand its retail services to more local producers to benefit all Guyanese.

Noting that the government’s development strategy requires private sector businesses to invest and expand their services, Walrond said it is significant to the government when companies embark on projects which will add to the economy.

She added that the government will support private sector businesses as they continue to expand and invest in Guyana.

“We’re so happy, as government, to see that you launch out in this new layer of investment, which is the retail stores spread across the country, and providing access now to customers on the East Coast. We want to thank you and congratulate you,” she said.

In addition, the Minister challenged ANSA McAl to not only continue expansions but also include locally produced products on their shelves. “Stores like these can function as congruent for locally produced products to reach our consumers,” the minister said.

In response to this request, Cadogan said, “We have at the TWEE store at the airport, we are trying to replicate that in all of the outlets. We plan on having a Guyanese corner, where you could come in and get your pepper, your seasoning, your cassareep, your cheese straws, your tamarind ball, and all of the local foods, we have it here as well.”

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