Man goes to Police, claims ownership of ganja found at Liliendaal house


A 24-year-old man on Tuesday went to the Turkeyen Police Station and claimed ownership of suspected cannabis found in a house at Liliendaal, Greater Georgetown.

The police said the man was arrested and remains in custody. 

He is among several persons who were arrested after police conducted several search exercises on Tuesday.

During the search at Block ‘X’ Liliendaal, an 18-year-old woman of the said address was also arrested. A search was conducted on the property, where a five-gallon paint bucket was found containing a bulky transparent bag along with a transparent ziplock bag.

The bag contained 61 small transparent bags containing leaves, seeds and stems suspected to be cannabis. The young woman was told of the offence, arrested and taken to Turkeyen Police Station.

The suspected narcotic was weighed in her presence and it amounted to 710 grams.

But later, the man went to the Criminal Investigation Office and claimed ownership of the suspected narcotics.

Further, a 27-year-old vendor and owner of a property at ‘B’ Field, Sophia, was arrested. A number of cellphones, laptops and other electronics suspected to be stolen were found in the said house. 

The pair was escorted to the Turkeyen Police Station with the said articles and placed in custody, pending investigation.

At Fourth Street Sparendaam, a 22-year-old man was arrested in relation to an alleged armed robbery and escorted to Turkeyen Police Station pending further investigations.

Subsequently, searches were carried out on houses in ‘A’ and ‘B’ Fields, Sophia, where the police found cellular phones, laptops, tablets, two grass cutters and an electrical saw.

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