11,500 students in Reg. 10 benefit from $345M in education cash grant


Over the next few days, approximately 11,500 students from both public and private schools in Region 10 will benefit from $345 million education cash grant distribution.

At the distribution exercise, residents of Region 10 expressed immense gratitude for the timely disbursement of the government’s education cash grant of $30,000 inclusive of ‘Because We Care’ cash grant and the uniform and school supplies voucher.

 Juan Edghill – Minister of Public Works

This year, the ‘Because We Care’ cash grant increased from $19,000 to $25,000, while the school uniform and supplies voucher increased from $4,000 to $5,000, taking the total to $30,000.

Parent, Andre Jacobs

Andre Jacobs, who is a father of seven, said he is thankful for the timely initiative which will assist in meeting some of the needs of his children.

“This will help me a lot to buy dem school clothes, so, by Friday I’m going to buy dem school clothes before it be too late and de money done. All in all, it come in useful”, he said.

Student Juliana Prosper

Student,Juliana Prosper, who collected her grant, said the money will help her with school items.

She said, “It definitely will help buy things like school supplies and also help out in the house because you know we still have to eat and so…and I’m feeling thankful.”

Meanwhile, Sherlyn D’Oliveira sees the government cash grant as a helpful initiative and an encouragement for parents to do more for their children.

“At this moment my niece she’s going in fourth form and with the cost for textbooks and the preparation for SBAs and for the Primary, I have a grade five so, it’s really helpful because this would push parents to want to do more for their child or children”, she related.

This year, in Region 10, the Ministry of Education organised a cluster of schools strategically for the distribution exercise, to allow greater efficiency and timeliness of the process.

This move will allow parents to uplift the education grants at the school their children may not necessarily attend.

The provision of educational grants for students across Guyana through the PPP/C government’s ‘Because We Care’ and uniform and school supplies voucher are in keeping with its commitment to ensuring each child has an equal opportunity to access education.

In its Manifesto, the PPP/C has committed to providing each student with an educational grant of $50,000 by 2025.

Further, the government deliberately structured the programme, recognising the importance of providing support to parents.

This is done to reduce the cost associated with obtaining a good education.

Further, the grant does not dictate a parent to only buy uniforms and stationery for their child, but rather provides support for parents or guardians in the decision to prioritise the needs of the child.

Overseeing the distribution programme was Minister of Public Works, Juan Edghill who noted the PPP/C government will continue to work diligently to serve the citizen of Guyana.

“Today I stand here as a member of the cabinet, representing his Excellency, President Ali and all of us in the cabinet including the Minister of education to say that we are proud to be delivering on a promise we made”, he said.

Last year, every child received some $19,000, an increase from the $10,000 per child which was first given to public school students in 2014.

Minister Edghill also expressed appreciation for the sentiments expressed by residents and assured that the feedback provided will be used to better andcraft the programme,“I thank you and all the people of Guyana for the support, the words of encouragement, suggestions and opinions that have been shared. The ideas that have been offered to make our team serve you better.”

Minister Edghill further stated that the school cash grant is just one among many promises made and delivered. [Extracted and modified from DPI]

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