Housing, infrastructure development progressing in Linden


Infrastructure works are progressing in Amelia’s Ward Phase 4 housing scheme in Linden, Region Ten which will soon be ready for some 400 linden families to take up residency.

Minister of Housing and Water, Collin Croal visited the location on Thursday to see the pace at which works are moving. To date, a massive portion of the land has been cleared and preparation is ongoing for the construction of access roads.

Following the first phase of infrastructure works, the other amenities including, drainage, water, and electrical network are expected to be installed.

Last year July, the ministry through its Dream Realise House lot allocation exercise, 400 house lots were distributed in the Amelia’s Ward, Phase 4 scheme.

Approximately $364 million has been allocated for the infrastructural works in that area. While there were some delays in the land clearing process as a result of squatting, during the Minister’s visit he noted his satisfaction with the work done so far.

To date, all the illegal structures that were impeding the development process have been removed. However, the Ministry is pleading with residents to desist from carrying out construction of any kind in the area as there have been reports of squatting in some sections of the scheme.

Also, while in Linden the Minister visited Millie’s Hideout, the newest area identified for housing development. Land clearing is also ongoing in that area which spans approximately 250 acres. That area has been identified for the construction of the first batch of three-bedroom housing units, another housing option for the Region.

Mobilisation for the construction will commence shortly. To date, a large portion of the area has been cleared and leveled to facilitate the installation of a road network. This project forms part of President, Dr. Irfaan Ali’s commitment to see the construction of 1000 housing units in Linden, to address the housing needs of Region Ten. The commitment was made back in January 2021 during the President and his Cabinet’s first outreach to the Mining town.

Already, some 40 elevated two-bedroom units are at various stages of construction and a majority are completed and allocated in the Amelia’s Ward Phase 2, scheme. [Ministry of Housing and Water press release]

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