After months of waiting, 200 house lot recipients at LBI get access to lands


Some 200 persons who have been allocated lands at Phase One La Bonne Intention; East Coast Demerara were invited on Friday by the Ministry of Housing and Water Survey’s Department for a land identification exercise.

Excited recipients turned up at the location in the company of other family members to see their lots after waiting for some time.

Each allottee was shown his/her lot, the boundary lines and was allowed to plant name posts, signaling ownership.

Many of the allottees expressed their satisfaction with the state of readiness their lands are in as they prepare to commence construction.

(Photo: Ministry of Housing and Water/August 19, 2022)

Already roads and drainage system have been installed in the area and works are progressing on other key amenities.

In the new week, persons who were unable to attend Friday’s exercise will be called to identify their lots.

In 2021 and earlier this year, some 437 persons were allocated lots in the LBI Housing Scheme.

There were some delays in the land preparation and clearing given that the area was previously used for sugar cane cultivation.

The LBI housing scheme will also be another construction site of some 100 young professional homes.

(Photo: Ministry of Housing and Water/August 19, 2022)

These units will be built at Phase Two and the awarding of the contracts is expected by the end of the month, after which mobilisation and the construction of the homes will commence.

The Ministry has invested approximately $2 billion in infrastructural projects at LBI; these works include land clearing, the construction of access roads, drainage systems, culverts, and electricity and water supply networks.

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