Ramson Jr. stresses importance of sport and education as GCC camp concludes


Sport Minister Charles Ramson Jr. on Friday stressed the importance of working overtime on not just perfecting one’s athletic ability, but also his or her academic portfolio.

Delivering feature remarks at the closing of the Georgetown Cricket Club’s cricket camp at Bourda, Minister Ramson told the more than 30 young, aspiring cricketers to engage in continuous practice in the pursuit of excellence.

Sharing his own story as a youngster at the club, Ramson Jr. told the participants of being encouraged to “be the best” by coach Paul Persaud.

Being the best, Ramson Jr. implored on the aspiring cricketers, should be a standard they pursue in all aspects of their lives.

Minister Charles Ramson Jr. delivering remarks at the closing ceremony in the presence of (from left) Ramsay Ali, Jonathan Yearwood and Rudolph Singh of GCC

In getting to the top, especially as it relates to their cricketing ambitions, the Sport Minister urged the players to engage in constant practice, dedicating their time and energies on improving their craft.

“Just as much as you are going to try and focus on becoming good at cricket, it is very important that you stay focused on your school as well,” Ramson Jr., who also has ministerial responsibility for Youth and Culture, said.

The club, Ramson Jr. noted, has always encouraged a balance between sport and academic, with the coaches and executives taking an active interest in the youngsters’ welfare.

Just as they should practice to improve on their cricket skills, the Sport Minister told the participants it is also important they dedicate time to their studies.

One of the aims of the camp, if not the main one, was to replenish the club’s Under-15 stocks

The camp catered for youngsters aged 8-15, who were edified on the basics of batting, bowling and fielding and general skills development over the last two weeks.

There were also sessions on mental skills, personal and life skills, discipline, goal-setting and tactical awareness and captaincy and leadership.

It is the hope now that the club would be able to identify young cricketers who can potentially become members of its youth arm.

Minister Ramson Jr. tested these youngsters on the knowledge gained over the two weeks

According to Manager, Rudolph Singh, the club took a significant blow with the advent of COVID-19, the youth arm bearing the brunt of the impact.

That meant the club lost its Under-15 group of cricketers, the majority of whom grew out of the age group.

One of the aims, if not the main one, was to replenish the Under-15 stocks, Singh highlighted.

The 40 participants were placed in three groups, based on their age, to foster individualised attention, with coaches Garvin Nedd, Orin Bailey and Peter Persaud conducting the sessions.

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