Laden trucks could begin using Harbour Bridge again by weekend


While the Demerara Harbour Bridge has reopened to vehicular traffic, after a major accident on Saturday put it out of operation, laden trucks are not yet able to use it, but this could change by the weekend.

The bridge reopened to vehicular traffic on Monday night but trucks that weigh 12 tonnes and over are not allowed to cross. This is because two pontoons sustained severe damages after a Panamanian fuel tanker – MV Tradewind Passion – collided with the bridge.

The General Manager of the Demerara Harbour Bridge, Wayne Watson said they are working to replace at least one of the pontoons by the end of this week.

“We are looking for alternatives regarding the pontoons so myself and engineers right now are trying to come up with an alternative and once we get that pontoon replaced, we will also try to resume retraction simultaneously,” Watson told the News Room.

Replacing the two pontoons can take between three to four months.

“The alternative is to ensure at least one of the pontoons is replaced. It’s about 120 days to source the materials for the pontoons and as indicated this is urgent, three months to give you two pontoons and if the materials are not here [locally] it may take four months and we are trying to reduce that time,” Watson explained.

The Harbour Bridge suffered the worst damage ever after the vessel collided with it in the wee hours of Saturday.
A Board of Inquiry has since been set up to investigate the incident and has seven days to present its findings and recommendations.

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