Treatment for memory loss, brain disorders now offered in Guyana 


People suffering from memory loss and other associated illnesses linked to stress and anxiety or any setbacks mentally could now get the best help locally.

This is according to Dr Davendra Sharma who specialises in brain and behavioural health and has worked and practiced overseas for several years.

He has returned to Guyana and offers modern advanced treatment for brain disorders.

Brain disorders are sometimes difficult to treat but advanced treatment is now available in Guyana and Dr Sharma said there have been positive results with memory function and other brain disorders.

“Recovering memory is extremely difficult and at one-point persons felt this could not happen but again we are seeing that there is the possibility of stoppage, slowing down and even recovery using some of these modern treatment programmes,” Dr Sharma said.

Dr Sharma who returned here in May this year, operates at Advance Healthcare International at Diamond, East Bank Demerara.

He explained that it was his own experience with his mother and her memory that prompted him to return to Guyana and offer low-level laser therapy for brain disorders.

“I want to see that my people improve especially in areas of memory, I think that is quite neglected that we are still using some very old fashioned type of treatment for memory disorders and I want to focus on the more advanced programmes which are working very well in Europe and USA.”

Dr Sharma is attempting to enhance the treatment and management of brain disorders and he believes this can be achieved by introducing neurological examinations as part of regular health checkups.

This, he explained can reduce costly tests that sometimes do not produce results.

Dr Davendra Sharma (Photo: News Room/November 01, 2022)

“Many a times doctors would just order a CT or MRI, which are useful but without a good medical history and a good neurological check it is actually a prerequisite and I find it very unfortunate that many doctors don’t do that,” Dr Sharma said.

He added that with a medical history, memory problems could be recoverable especially if it is nutritional deficiency or emotional disorder.

“Sometimes doing a scan cannot tell us the cause it can only tell us that there is a pathology, that there is shrinkage of the brain but what exactly is leading to that, a good medical history can help,” Dr Sharma posited.

At Advance Healthcare, the treatment for brain disorders aims to be more holistic.

Dr Sharma treats patients with post-traumatic brain injury, Parkinson, and focusing and concentration problems. He noted that patients with poor blood circulation can also benefit from this treatment as others with conditions like Alzheimer and dementia.

“We are treating a wide arrange of brain problems including memory problems, cognitive decline, preventing the memory problems from going further by using low-level laser therapy but in addition we can do treatment for nutritional deficiencies,” Dr Sharma related.

He is recommending that persons over the age of 50 do annual memory or neurological evaluations.

“Cognitive decline can happen at age 50 but generally we want to look at people in their 60s, the age of retirement.

“We really have to know what is the underlying issue, Parkinson can cause memory problems, diabetes can cause memory problems, poor control hypertension and so, finding the right match between what is the cause and the fix is important,” Dr Sharma explained.

Since he started operating in May this year, so far, the results have been rewarding.

“We are even seeing younger persons also coming in for the treatment even though it was initially a programme for older persons more specifically for memory, we are seeing that it is also helping people with obsessive thinking, intrusive thoughts and inattentiveness.”

Dr Sharma is now working to introduce other advanced treatment for neurological problems such as deep brain stimulation, a surgical procedure used to treat symptoms such as tremor, rigidity, slowed movement, and walking problems.

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