Storm destroys several houses in Kato


A storm that lasted for a few hours in Kato, Region Eight on Wednesday destroyed several homes in the indigenous village.

The News Room understands that the storm also passed through Paramakatoi and Bamboo Creek.

Regional Chairman for Region Eight, Headley Pio, told the News Room that the 11 homes were damaged in Kato. No injuries were reported.

“Eleven households – the roof were blown off and the CDC is making arrangements to assist the families,” Pio said on Friday.

Meanwhile, the assessment to the damages in Paramakatoi and Bamboo Creek is ongoing.

The Regional Chairman said he sent messages for updates from these villages and is awaiting a response, noting the difficulty with communicating via the internet and cell service.

The storm on Wednesday occurred just about 14:00 hrs.

“There is no flooding. This was just like a storm with heavy winds and it lasted for about 2 to 3 hours,” the Regional Chairman related.

He explained that there was no warning when these things happen and so it is difficult to prepare residents.

“We don’t have any warning signs. These things just happen but not as serious as a few days ago.”

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  1. Patricia Pierre says

    Sad indeed. I am thinking about those persons whose roofs were blown off from their homes. I do hope that these could be replaced as soon. as possible so that some normalcy could return to the community. My sympathy goes out to those unfortunate persons..

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