Mandatory permission needed to host events – Fire Service reminds


The Guyana Fire Service is reminding the public and party promoters that they are required to get the necessary permission before hosting events during the upcoming holiday season.

In an advisory issued on Tuesday, the Fire Service highlighted that persons who plan to host events can apply for a Structural Soundness certificate at the City Engineers’ Department in Georgetown, Regional Democratic or Neighborhood Democratic Councils that covers their district.

Once approval has been granted from the listed organisations, it must be presented to the Fire Prevention Department along with a written application to the Chief Fire Officer.

A Fire Safety Inspection of the venue will be carried out before the issuance of the certificate.

The Fire Service reminded that this certification falls under the Music and Dances Licences Act included in Chapter 23:03 of the Laws of Guyana and states that the Fire Chief must be satisfied with all precautions against fire in the interest of general safety.

In addition, the GFS warns that persons found hosting events without a Music and Dancing Certificate from the Chief Fire Officer will be fined and hauled before the court for the endangerment of lives.

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