Brazilian teen arrested in Lethem with cocaine


A 19-year-old Brazilian lad was arrested by ranks of the Guyana Police Force stationed at Lethem after he was found to be in possession of 13.7 grammes of suspected cocaine on Friday.

The teen, Eloy Junio Jackson, of Bonfim was reportedly riding a bicycle across the Takutu Bridge when he was intercepted by the ranks.

Police Headquarters reported that he was nabbed at about 17:30hrs by ranks on mobile patrol.

The police stopped the teenager and request to carry out a search on his person, to which he agreed.

During the search, the ranks found one transparent plastic bag containing 13.7 grammes of suspected cocaine in his left-side pants pocket.

He was then told of the offence committed, cautioned and he replied saying: “I just bought it…l am sorry”.

He was arrested and escorted to the Lethem Police Station. Jackson will be charged and he is slated to appear in court on Monday.

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