Nationals 2022: Newton, Smith shatter 100m records


Ezekiel Newton and Keliza Smith came and did what many expected at the ongoing 60th edition of the National Schools’ Cycling, Swimming and Track and Field Championships, that is, shatter records.

Newton, arguably one of the fastest junior sprinters in Guyana, clocked 10.62 seconds in the preliminaries for the Boys’ Under-18 100m to erase the previous best of 10.65 seconds held by Daniel Williams of District 10 (Upper Demerara/Kwakwani) since 2017.

The young man from District Four (East Coast Demerara) went on to win gold in the final, but clocked 10.79s seconds. Omar James of District 10 was timed at 11.01s, while Jaheel Cornette of District 14 (East Bank Demerara) had a time of 11.12s.

Keliza Smith was a woman on a mission with a blistering run in the U-20 final

Smith, of District Three (West Demerara), produced what had to be the most dominant performance of the night with a smashing time of 12.03 seconds to wipe out the 12.21 that was set by Toyan Raymond.

There were other notable records broken over the course of the Track and Field segment of the championships.

Records broken in Track and Field as of November 30

Female Teachers’ (Under-21) Discus

Shali McAlmont, District 10 (Upper Demerara/Kwakwani), 23.89m

Previous: 19.23m Marcia Tyrell, District 7 (Cuyuni/Mazaruni), 2017

Female Teachers’ (Under-21) Shot Put

Overna Burnett, District 7 (Cuyuni/Mazaruni), 8.65m

Previous: Marcia Tyrell, District 7 (Cuyuni/Mazaruni), 7.27m (2018)

Girls’ Under-18 Javelin

Reneta Liverpool, District 15 (New Amsterdam), 32.43m

Previous: 27.00m

100m Girls U-12 Final

Tessianna Harris, Upper Dem/Kwakwani, 13.41

Previous: Keira Duncan, West Dem, 13.42

100m Girls U-20 Final

Keliza Smith, West Demerara, 12.05

Previous: Toyan Raymond, East Georgetown, 12.21

800m Girls U-18 Final

Narissa McPherson, West Demerara, 2:19.57

Previous: Joanna Archer, West Dem, 2.23.27

1000m Girls U-12

Marissa Dorrick, Rupununi, 3:22.50

Previous: Aleka Persaud, East Georgetown, 3:26.17

1000m Boys Under-12

Charles Young, East Bank Demerara, 3:31.60

Previous: Joshaun Marshall, Corentyne, 3:35:01 (2018)

Javelin Girls U-20

Esther Marks, District 10, 39.96m

Previous: Prudence Codrington, South Georgetown, 35.38 (2018)

100m Boys U-18

Ezekiel Newton, East Coast Demerara, 10.62s

Previous: Daniel Williams, District 10, 10.65s (2017)

100m Boys U-20

Angus Lynch, West Coast Berbice, 10.89s

Previous: Titus Webster, West Coast Berbice, 10.94 (2017)

High Jump Boys U-20 (Equal Record)

Raulston Downer, NA Canje, 1.79m

Previous: Okemi Porter, West Coast Berbice, 1.79m (2018)

Long Jump Boys U-8

Kevon St. Hill, East Coast Demerara, 3.52m

Previous: Timothy Springer, East Georgetown, 3.47m (2019)

Long Jump Boys U-12

Timothy Springer, East Georgetown, 4.84m

Previous: Ryan Joseph District, 10 4.82 (2019)

100m Female Teacher U-31

Tisseana Wright, West Demerara, 13.53s

Previous: Marcell Munroe, District 11, 13.79s (2018)

Long Jump Female Teacher O-40

Sharon Hall, Upper Dem Kwakwani, 4.52m

Previous: Sharon Hall District 10, 4.30m (2019)

Discus Female Teacher U-31

Cindy Fraser, West Coast Berbice, 27.54m

Previous: Nikita Mc Almont, District 10, 26.42m (2017)

Javelin Female U-21 Teacher

Claire Sealey, East Coast Demerara, 23.06m

Previous: Marcia Tyrell, District 7, 17.35 (2017)

Male Teachers U-21 100m

Richard Blake, West Demerara, 11.32Q

Previous: Jeremiah Roberts, South Georgetown, 11.53 (2018)

Long Jump Teachers M0-40

Karl Vanier, Potaro Siparuni, 5.63m

Previous: Raphael Hunter, District 7, 4.76m (2017)

Shot Put Teachers Male U-21

Joshua Alexander, East Bank Demerara, 10.74m

Previous: Lorenzo Bess, District 7, 10.43 (2017)

Shot Put Teachers Male U-41

Osafo Dos Santos, NA Canje, 16.42m

Previous: Roy Haney, District 3, 12.57 (2017)

 Javelin – Teachers Male O-40

Andrew Richmond, Upper Dem Kwakwani, 44.35m

Previous: Curt Pitchard, North West, 38.26m (2019)

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