Essequibo woman distraught after container to start food business stolen at seawall


An Essequibo woman is now distraught after the container she intended to use for a food business was reportedly stolen from its spot at the Kitty Seawall, Georgetown.

Kesha Coates, of the Essequibo Coast, on Wednesday told the News Room that she was contacted by persons and told that the 20-foot container was stolen.

The side of the container (Photo: Kesha Coates)

She said she is offering a reward of $160,000 to anyone who can help her find the container.

“I bought the container about a month ago, and I placed it on the spot at the seawall and it disappeared from there,” she said.

Coates contacted the Kitty Police Station soon after finding out that the container was stolen and she intends to travel to Georgetown on Thursday to meet with the Police and assist with investigating the matter. She is heavily relying on the camera footage from the cameras in the vicinity of the seawall to be used to find the perpetrator.

She explained that she secured the spot where the container was placed and has been keeping it for two years now. After finally purchasing the container that cost $400,000, she was excited to commence her business venture.

Coates said there wasn’t any guard left to keep a lookout on the container but she had hoped with persons operating there, she wouldn’t have any issues. However, after being informed that the container was stolen, she is hoping that persons will reach out to help her find it.

Anyone who has information about the container is asked to contact the Kitty Police Station, the nearest Police Station or Coates on 660-8444 or 674-1583.

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  1. Matthew says

    This took a Hiab or Crane truck to steal it and the perps should be caught. Look on all cameras on the main routes to see it travelling

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