‘Unimaginable suffering again’ – Reg. 7 residents devastated by flooding


For the second time this year, several villages in Region Seven (Cuyuni – Mazaruni) are severely flooded as a result of heavy rainfall coupled with high tide.

“It is unimaginable suffering once again. What has happened about nine months ago, it is basically the same thing that has occurred,” Regional Chairman Kenneth Williams told the News Room on Monday.

He said many shop owners and businesses are the most affected.

“The water has entered into many people’s shops [and] it has caused them not able to do business,” Williams said.

According to the chairman, the water started rising about a week ago.

“We are still in the assessment stage. It has only been a week, the CDC will be meeting with them soon and they are going to do the normal thing like medical support and the usual hampers and so,” Williams said.

Current situation in Region Seven (Photo: CDC)Current situation in Region Seven (Photo: CDC)

He added, “There is nothing that can be done, it is nature. What can happen is that they can move to higher grounds but they prefer to ply their trade where they can make money quickly and easily.”

The CDC on Sunday confirmed that at least six villages in the Region are inundated.

Quebanang, Kangaruma, Waramadong, Phillipai, Pappy Show Landing and Mango Landing are all experiencing different levels of flooding.

Other areas such as Eteringbang and Arau Village are seeing rising river levels, the CDC said in a release.

Current situation in Region Seven (Photo: CDC)

Meanwhile, residents countrywide are urged to take precautions where necessary and to report any impacts to local authorities or the National Emergency Monitoring System (NEMS) on 600-7500 or 226-1114 at any time.

The current rainy season is expected to be wetter and longer than normal accordingly to the Hydrometeorological Service.


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