West Dem businesses add to calls for city Mayor to resign


See full statement from the Region Three Private Sector Inc. (R3PSInc):

The Region Three Private Sector Inc. (R3PSInc) has condemned Mayor of Georgetown, Pandit Ubraj Narine’s discriminatory and prejudiced remarks against the Muslim community. Such behavior will not be accepted or tolerated in Guyana. Mayor Narine, during a live broadcast on his Facebook page on Monday night, accused the current government of “bullying poor people because they are Afro-Guyanese.”

He later went on to accuse President Ali of refusing to work with him because he is a Hindu. The entire incident stemmed from the government’s decision to remove illegal vendors opposite the Georgetown Public Hospital on New Market Street because they impede the free flow of ambulances and other emergency vehicles.

After a barrage of criticism for his racist and discriminatory remarks, Mayor Narine attempted an act of futility in an apology. The R3PSInc is appalled at these statements and condemns them in the strongest possible manner.

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