State House shooting: Stabbed Presidential Guard regains consciousness, says he is ready to work


Presidential Guard Telon Perreira, who was stabbed five times about his neck and body on Thursday morning, has regained consciousness.

This was announced by President Dr. Irfaan Ali on Thursday night as he began his address to the Georgetown Chamber of Commerce and Industry’s (GCCI) annual dinner and awards ceremony.

“Just about 45 minutes before I got here, my spirit was renewed in hope of what humanity is capable of.

“… 45 minutes ago, (Perreira) regained consciousness and I was pleased to speak to him directly. His words to me were, ‘Sir, I am back to work with you tomorrow’,” the Guyanese Head of State related.

Those words, the President said, filled him with a sense of hope and a renewed determination to help herald in Guyana’s development.

President Dr. Irfaan Ali met with relatives of Presidential Guard Telon Perreira at the Georgetown Public Hospital on Thursday (Photo: Office of the President/ December 15, 2022)

The President also thanked the public for their words of support in the aftermath of the Thursday morning incident.

Bethel Ikena Chenezie, who possesses a Nigerian passport, on Thursday morning showed up at State House – the official residence of President Ali and his family – and confronted the Presidential guard in a hut stating: “I want the President.”

Perreira was then stabbed five times by the man, who was armed with a knife.

The attacker then proceeded to disarm a female rank of her gun, walked out of the guard hut, and started firing outside of the compound on Carmichael Street. Both men received treatment at the Georgetown Public Hospital, subsequently.

Chenezie is in a stable condition and is recovering in the hospital’s Intenseive Care Unit (ICU), under police guard.

Police are continuing their investigations into the matter.

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  1. Rovella Bess says

    Goodmorning. 1,, It’s sad but happy everyone is well,, including the shooter, cuz he can soon be interrogated soon.
    2,, Why is Mr.Guardy at a public hospital,, and not a PRIVATE one????? Both men should be in private facilities,, especially this Attempted murder er. I mean,,, if he stupidly thought that he was great enough to try to make history to do this,, then he shouldn’t be abounds others. He should be in jail recovering in a cell alone, with 2 paid nurses and a doctor. IN JAIL. HE DON’T NEED TO DO THE COURT SCENE THING. Save the judges time this holiday.
    And 2 ,,,,, Why were u guys still having an Award Ceremony??? Couldn’t it have been cancled?? Until the guard recovered and then pin striped him up a level, at that same Ceremony???
    Does any Agree??? Or am I the only dumb one to notice all red flages???? Please remove both men into private healing locations asap. Being the right and sensible move to make,, no disrespect Mr. P. I not wanna be down to earth,, but this occation calls for immediately up tight, stuck up, lock down on it house hold. No public apparences sir. I may not be aftaid,, but I r moving “MAD WAYS”. No disrespect. Start acting like a Presidend and not our neighbourhood friend for a little while until this is sorted. Because the job is not done as yet sir. And I guys should know this.

    Look, just go YouTube and find the movie this imbasill started to watch,, “””but ,, I mean ,,, like he either fell asleep 😴 before the middle and ending ,,, or he had blackout with no back up generator or something, cuz he fucked up big time. And they r coming for him b4 he talks.”””. Anyways,, find the movie, get it backup generator ready for GPL, *Get Plenty Lamp*,, and watch it to the end. Dont mess up like he did,, because like we all should know,, they r going to keep trying. So stop associating ,,and start acting like covid on the return. Like there r zombies in ur back yard.. Not being scared, just cautious.. If not plz hire me to guard I myself, or to train and advise you and your guards sir.. Thank you..

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