CM Meusa storms to victory in Rapid Chess Championship


Candidate Master (CM) Wendell Meusa won the Open Rapid Chess Championship, scoring a remarkable eight points after nine rounds of play at School of the Nations on Monday.

His only defeat was at the hands of Saeed Ali, who finished fifth overall. Coming in second, just one point behind the champion, was Glenford Corlette.

Corlette lost to Meusa and Davion Mars, who finished in fourth place with 6.5 points. Also finishing on 6.5 points is third-place finisher Roberto Neto, who edged Mars by a direct encounter tiebreak for the prize.

The top performers! From left: Wendell Meusa, Roberto Neto, Anthony Drayton, Glenford Corlette and Jessica Callender

Neto lost in a round four clash to Meusa, round six against Corlette and then proceeded to draw his match with Saeed Ali in round seven. The top female was Jessica Callender, who finished ninth overall with four points.

Her losses came against Meusa, Owen Mickle, Mars, Michael Chapp-Jumbo and Corlette. Fifteen players competed in the one-day event under a time-control of 10 minutes per player with a one-second increment after each move.

This event was just the first in a packed year of tournaments for the Guyana Chess Federation. Anthony Drayton was the tournament organiser and Chief Arbiter.

The top player in the event received G$50,000 cash. Second prize was G$30,000 and third G$20,000, while the top female player was awarded G$20,000.

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