BUDGET 2023: Billions more in much-needed grants to come


Numerous cash grants worth billions of dollars were disbursed over the government’s half-term in office as part of its efforts to provide relief to people in need.

This is according to Finance Minister Dr. Ashni Singh, who Monday presented the 2023 National Budget to the National Assembly.

Dr. Singh detailed that over $7 billion in cash grants were provided as COVID-19 relief, even as the government was able to secure thousands of much-needed vaccine doses.

He also highlighted that the government improved social safety nets to meet the needs of the most vulnerable.

For example, he said that the old-age pension, in 2022, increased to $28,000- amounting to over $21 billion disbursed to Guyana’s senior citizens. Public assistance also increased to $14,000 monthly, resulting in transfers of over $3 billion.

Importantly, the ‘Because We Care’ cash grant, a signature PPP/C grant, was also reintroduced. And that, the Finance Minister said, saw more than 196,000 children benefiting from over $5.6 billion in transfers.

And the Finance Minister promised that the government, through Budget 2023, will provide much more relief to people.

Aside from the increases in disposable income made possible through the disbursement of these grants, the Finance Minister talked up the PPP/C’s government progress in distributing scholarships and house lots.

Grants were also given to riverain and hinterland residents, sugar workers and fisherfolk.

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