Commuters asked to cooperate with Harbour Bridge double lane schedule


The Ministry of Public Works is asking commuters who travel during the early morning hours on the Demerara Harbour Bridge to follow the double lane schedule instituted to direct traffic.

See full release from the Ministry of Public Works:

Drivers and commuters, especially early users of the Demerara Harbour Bridge are being urged to follow the early morning double-lane schedule (EASTBOUND) from 05:55 hrs to 07:00 hrs and 07:35 hrs to 08:00 hrs.

This double-lane measure was instituted to accommodate the total volume of traffic heading into Georgetown/ Demerara on or before 08:30 hrs, however, this can only work if there is promptness and cooperation on both sides.

At the Demerara Harbour Bridge Corporation, we are working to ensure our systems are in place to facilitate this process, as well as to be on standby in the event of any untoward incident. We, therefore, implore our citizens on the West Bank Demerara and West Coast Demerara who travel or drive this route daily, to work with us and make use of the scheduled double-lane periods.

Let’s all work to avoid the buildup of traffic during the early hours (second double-lane half hour) and to contribute as much as we can to alleviate traffic congestion on the bridge.
Thank you for your usual cooperation.


Editor’s Note: The Double lane in the afternoons going west (East Bank to West Coast Demerara) starts at 16:45 hrs and ends at 17: 45 hrs

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