$3.9M for construction of storage facility for Kwebanna Water Supply System


More than $3.9 million in contracts were presented to the Kwebanna Village Council for works on the Kwebanna Water Supply System, at Moruca, Region One.

Minister of Housing and Water, Collin Croal, handed over the contract to the Toshao Troy Peters during a village meeting on Saturday last.

The drilling of the well for the water supply project has already been completed. The contracts, therefore, provide for the construction of the storage facility and the installation of distribution systems to complete the project; while also providing employment opportunities for villagers.

Minister Croal told residents that the government will continue to make the necessary investments to ensure all Guyanese have access to potable water, in keeping with the United Nation’s Sustainable Development Goals.

The works in the contracts will include: the construction of storage tanks concrete slab; construction of a 25×25 feet perimeter chain link fence around the well site; installation of 720 lengths of 50mm and 300 lengths of 100mm PVC pipelines from the well to the storage tanks and along the distribution network; installation of 220 lengths of 19mm pipelines to accommodate service connections to each resident; installation of PVC pipe fittings; and the provision for a tractor or truck to transport pipes and materials to the project sites from the point of storage.

Villagers at the meeting on Saturday

GWI will be supervising the construction of the storage facility and the installation of the distribution system. Overall, the Kwebanna Water Supply System is pegged at $20 million and will bring first-time potable water access to residents.

During the meeting residents also raised several issues regarding agriculture, security, infrastructure development and education. Minister Croal committed to the installation of ten street lights within the next month, at strategic points along the community’s main roadway to enhance their security.  More security measures for the community are also in-line.

Meanwhile, the Regional Chairman Brentnol Ashley spoke to the extension of the Kwebanna Primary School, rehabilitation of the nursery school, incoming training programmes for nurses at Moruca and other interventions.


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