CNOOC Petroleum Guyana launches $10M UG Scholarship Fund for Indigenous and hinterland students


CNOOC Petroleum Guyana Limited (CPGL) on Wednesday presented a financial contribution to the University of Guyana (UG) to support education for Indigenous and other hinterland students needing assistance.

The gift amounts to $10,000,000 and provides support for at least three undergraduate scholars for 5 years each.

The contribution will be administered by UG and caters for scholarships in Science, Technology, Engineering, Mathematics and Medicine (STEM).

UG Vice-Chancellor, Professor Paloma Mohamed Martin, received the gift on Wednesday on behalf of the University from Mr Liu Xiaoxiang, President of CPGL.

“One of the saddest things I have seen is that many students who are from (outlying) regions have some very distinct and peculiar socio-economic circumstances that have not hitherto been completely catered for and so the sensitivity that CNOOC is showing to ensure that they respond to these kinds of sensitivities and needs, is really laudable and we want to thank them” shared Prof Mohamed Martin.

CNOOC Petroleum (Guyana) Limited team members present the 10M fund cheque to representatives of the University of Guyana (News Room, 2023)


The Vice-Chancellor shared that the first students have been chosen by a select committee from the Faculty of Technology and College of Medicine.

Two students are from the petroleum engineering programme and the other student is the first Indigenous dentist that the University will graduate in its 60-year history.

The Vice-Chancellor noted that CPGL already has an existing cooperation programme with UG to fund tuition for 18 students, nine of whom must be drawn from hinterland communities.

She lauded the grant of this additional initiative for being a worthwhile contribution toward the education of underprivileged students and toward the University’s aspirational goal of one graduate per household.

Professor Mohamed Martin noted that CPGL has consistently sought ways of partnering with UG to promote tertiary education, particularly for less fortunate Guyanese students.

The Vice-Chancellor recalled that CPGL is also a partner in the Greater Guyana Initiative under which UG is benefitting from a range of additional initiatives.

President Liu Xiaoxiang thanked the Vice-Chancellor for her cooperation which has enabled CPGL to fulfil its Corporate Social Responsibility.

He observed that, notwithstanding the rapid pace of development in Guyana, there is ample room for his company to support the nation’s development.

Mr. Liu remarked that, based on experiences in China, education is the best way to transform the lives of underprivileged families.

Thus, it is CPGL’s wish to assist students in need to complete their studies and pursue their dreams.

He noted that this latest gift to the University coincides with the 170th Anniversary of the Arrival of Chinese to Guyana as well as the Lunar New Year of the Rabbit.

“This support comes from the bottom of our heart,” said the CPGL President.

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