Illegal electrical connection caused Norton Street fire – Fire Service


A fire that destroyed a Norton Street, Georgetown house was caused by an illegal electricity connection, the Guyana Fire Service said in a statement on Thursday.

“The Guyana Fire Service is warning citizens to desist from using illegal connections for electricity.

“These connections present a serious risk to both life and property since they could cause fires or electrocutions,” the Fire Service noted.

The fire started at about 15:32hrs and the house was occupied by a man identified as ‘Gary’. At the time of the fire, the two-storey house did not have any occupants.

A neighbour, Flexon James, told the News Room that he was in his kitchen when he saw smoke emanating from the bottom flat of the house.

The man said he alerted other neighbours and they subsequently formed a bucket brigade.

The Fire Service was summoned and managed to extinguish the fire.

Meanwhile, another two-storey building owned by Carl Gill also suffered damages from the fire.

His black tank, a quantity of PVC pipes, ceiling and washing machine were all damaged.

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