At least 1,200 houses to be built in Berbice this year


By Vishani Ragobeer

President Dr. Irfaan Ali has announced that at least 1,200 houses are to be built in Region Six (East Berbice- Corentyne) this year as the government hopes to fast-track homeownership and stimulate business activity in the region.

The President said this during a visit to the new Fort Ordinance Housing development on Thursday night, as part of his two-day outreach to the region.

There, 200 low-income houses were constructed and were already allocated to people.

Dr. Ali said an investment of about $1 billion was made for the development of the houses while $800 million was spent on infrastructure works.

“The intention is to build another 1,200 houses across the region,” President Ali then announced.

He later said that up to about 1,500 houses can be built if there is enough skilled labour and materials available, noting that the government is capable of mobilising more finances.

Nevertheless, with these housing plans, Dr. Ali said some 700 houses will be constructed at Palmyra – a community just off of the Berbice river bridge where the President said an urban shift will take place.

While an expanded housing programme will allow more people to become homeowners, the Head of State said other benefits for the region are being accumulated.

He believes that about 6,000 workers will be needed for construction, while other spinoff businesses and employment opportunities will be created.

Additionally, the region’s road network will be upgraded.  Altogether, he believes that business activity across Region Six will be stimulated.

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