Beautification of Kingston Seawall to be completed in time for Energy Conference


By Lazeena Yearwood

As part of the national beautification project to enhance Guyana’s tourism product, the Kingston Seawall is undergoing a restoration that is expected to be completed soon.

An initiative of the Office of the First Lady, with works being executed by the Ministry of Public Works, the beautification projects are being executed in phases, and are geared to bring value to the areas selected for enhancement.

Public Works Minister Juan Edghill on Thursday said the Kingston Seawall’s modifications should be completed within the next week, in time for the International Energy Conference and Expo from February 14-17.

Guardrails installed along the ‘Big Jetty’ at the Kingston Seawall where the Demerara River meets the Atlantic. (Photo: Sea Walls and Beyond Volunteers)

“This is an initiative for the beautification of Guyana. I think it’s laudable it’s being led by the First Lady and her office. The executing agency of course is the Ministry of Public Works. We are lending all the support and we would hope that within another week, in time for the energy summit, the seawalls will be looking beautiful to attract the hundreds of those who will be coming from around the world to engage [at the energy conference and expo],” the Public Works Minister said.

The upgrades include the installation of seats in the bandstand area, light poles, paved walkways and safety rails along the jetty.

Minister Edghill explained that the beautification of the country is important because many tourists are interested in visiting Guyana. Already, $1.4 billion is being injected into the Albouystown beautification project. Another $200 million beautification project is slated for Berbice.

“Diplomats, businessmen, dignitaries are coming in so Guyana’s tourism product must go to a different level so we are complementing what we are doing at the Seawall with what we are doing at Lamaha Street, Independence Boulevard and what we are doing at the various avenues,” he noted.

Minister of Public Works, Juan Edghill (Photo: News Room/December 30, 2022)

But, the minister also touched on the need for citizens to appreciate and support this project. He reminded that last November President Irfaan Ali led a clean-up campaign at Georgetown.

The minister said he was disheartened when he saw that the cleanliness was not maintained and appealed to citizens to stop littering about the city.

“While government makes some interventions, all of us as citizens must clear the garbage and trees that we cut. We just can’t leave them on the road side. President Ali has been leading this charge and it is painful to see that just months after great efforts were made.

“I was disappointed, just after Christmas everything is just dumped. The drains are overflowing with garbage, they got to do better. Nobody is going to come and maintain Guyana for us, we have to maintain Guyana,” he said.


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