Man accuses neighbour of arson as retaliation for noise nuisance complaints


A resident of Vlissengen Road, Georgetown is accusing his neighbour of attempting to set his house on fire after he made several noise nuisance complaints to the police.

Mohan Sookram told the News Room on Thursday that his neighbour for over a decade has a bar that plays music loudly and disturbs the peace at night. But he explained that over the last year, he has been making noise nuisance complaints to the police.

He explained that there is a cloth usually left by his door which was set on fire in the wee hours of Thursday and he suspects the neighbour is the perpetrator.

Sookram said the neighbour plays music every night because he has a bar. He recalled repeatedly telling the owner that he needs his rest and that his sons who attend universities online also need to study but to no heed.

“Every time you complain they tell you yes and they turn it down and then turn it up. When you call the police, they turn it down and when the police leave they turn it up back,” Sookram said.

The man said that on Wednesday night he made a complaint to the Police and he was told that the man was taken to the East Ruimveldt Police Station. The neighbour returned home later and at about 3:30 am on Thursday morning and Sookram said a fire was started at his front door shortly after.

“I was up and somebody come in the yard and throw some kerosene oil under the front door and light it afire and go through the gate. I didn’t get to see is who,” Sookram said.

Though swift actions were made to extinguish the flames, the man said his house and other neighbours’ homes could’ve been destroyed. The man suspects the arson is a result of the complaints and was done or spearheaded by his neighbour.

“I made a report to the station and I am asking that the relevant authorities will please look into this matter. This is terrorism and now arson. People are putting people’s life in jeopardy.

“We 100 per cent suspect he is the person behind this because we don’t have issues with anybody else,” he further added.

Sookram also said that other niehgbours had joined him in making police complaints but they eventually stopped since their efforts seemed futile. The man is appealing to the police for assistance so that he and his neighbours can live comfortably.

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